About Me

This site was created with the intent to pour out my thoughts, opinions, or views on various things that I like to involve with, namely photography, the Internet, technology in general, and games. You might not find the contents of this site interesting to you, and that is fine - everyone has their own interests. But to those of you sharing the same interests with me, you can share your thoughts as well through my contacts.

My interest in photography began roughly in 2011, where I got my first camera. From there on, I began learning a lot about photography - although only from the technical standpoint. But eventually I got tired of learning - and so, I was just photographing anything that interests me a bit, and I was stuck for a couple of years of not learning anything. A couple of years ago however, I began learning again, this time from an artistic perspective. It was then I got my newfound interest in photography again, and how I end up being the person/photographer I am right now.

This website's name is a contraction of 'photography' and 'sisyphus', and the reasoning behind it is because I see photography as an endless journey, where I constantly go back to square zero whenever I learn something new. The design itself was largely inspired from the Brutalist Web Design which I find really interesting and simplistic, as well as easily readable on any device, whether you read it on a desktop browser, or on a mobile device. I try not to add too many decorations since I want you, the reader, to focus on the writings and the photographs here.

Even though I put my portfolio here, please note that this isn't a professional one in any way. It's just my way to share my creations on the Internet that's not through social media because I'm tired of using them, and I feel that it's not the optimal way to share my photographs.

Any inputs/criticisms can be sent to my contacts. You can contact me at:

This site is a constant work-in-progress, since currently I couldn't devote my time to continually manage it.

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